You have just undergone one of the most painful yet rewarding miracles of the world - child birth! You did your nine months of service, you've healed up and received doctor's clearance, and you are finally ready to get back in shape. But you don't have to jump right back to the gym yet. Instead, you can start at home, spending a few weeks with your new set of kettle bells. You've spent almost a year tearing down your body helping to build up another - and now it is time to rebuild your own! Let's look at some of the most useful Kettlebell exercises.

Side raises

You can bring your slumping shoulders back to life using Kettlebell side raises. You can complete the movement for both arms at the same time, or alternate if you prefer. Raising the dumbbells to the front will stimulate the front deltoids. Raising them at a 45-degree angle will target those rear deltoids. Finally, raising them to the side allows you to hit the side deltoids. You should ideally be using all 3 movements with Kettlebells in order to hit the entire shoulder region completely.


Stand up with a Kettlebell in each hand. Move from the standing position to squatting position. You can also use lunges, in which you lean forward into each repetition, which provides less stimulation to the quadriceps muscles, and more to the calves, glutes and hamstrings. Together, you will be able to stimulate every muscle in your body south of the waistline!

Biceps curls

Build up those arms! Alternate or simultaneous Kettlebell curls will allow you to build up your arms. Higher repetitions will etch in some detail, and lower repetitions (with higher weight) will help to build up new muscle. A combination of the two is ideal for building and cutting!

Triceps press behind head

Ready to build back those flabby triceps? Kettlebell presses behind your head will do the trick! The upper arms are some of the first area to show fat gain, but that will change when you begin to build up this area. Keep your reps high and complete plenty of sets to tighten up those upper arms.

Kettlebell Rowing

Kneeling on the edge of the couch, alternate left and right sides. This will build your arms, shoulders and back muscles, and will certainly give you a great cardiovascular workout at the same time!

In addition to the Kettlebell work, you should be conducting abdominal training and cardiovascular training as your doctor allows. Very often, the abdomen must remain untrained for a longer period of time, if a C-section birth was used. Either way, Kettlebells can help you return your body to its previous shape - or even better shape - as long as you used them consistently!

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