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The Art of Strength Kettlebell Workout - A must-have for kettlebell enthusiasts!

Anthony Diluglio works along with you through 14 two-minute rounds of intense, unique, and challenging kettlebell exercises. 1-minute breaks between each round makes this a 42-minute workout to fit the busiest of schedules. In addition there is a 3-minute bonus round. There are nine carefully-chosen kettlebell exercises that will hammer every inch of your body into greater perfection. If it ever starts to feel too easy, simply add more weight!

On any given day at Punch Gym, you will see housewives, engineers, and deskbound executives performing the most advanced kettlebell routines with perfect form. Anthony also has a strong following with serious athletes of all ages and levels. His methods clearly work for everyone. Through careful program design, weight selection, and inspiration, Anthony takes both beginners and professional athletes beyond their known limits. Now we are not all lucky enough to train personally with Anthony... But fortunately for the rest of us, Anthony has taken his ultimate kettlebell-circuit workout and thrown it straight into our living rooms! Now there is no excuse not to blast past your physical bests, as this follow-along kettlebell DVD pounds you into the best shape of your life. The Art of Strength is tailor-made to help you gain strength, fire you up and keep you rockin and groovin. Anthony pioneered the use of kettlebell-based circuit training for the general public - molding this intimidating, hardcore practice into a system accessible to all. His groundbreaking Punch Gym in Providence, RI was the first to focus on kettlebells as the central tool for strength, endurance, and body shaping.

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