Many golfers spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on lessons, only to be more confused than ever... and still are not able to hit the ball consistently! With this scenario, what's left?

Do you take more lessons? Do you hit more balls?

I'll bet you've already done that.

Did it help? Be honest.

You can be straight with me... and fessing up is the first step to ending the frustration and getting on the right track quickly. What the pros won't tell you is that it's your BODY that's keeping you from fixing your golf swing. You may have the most expensive clubs, equipment and training toys but if your body will not cooperate all the shiny new stuff is useless. so....

What Do You Do When Your Gadgets And Expensive Clubs Won't Work? Golf is a game of skill. When you hire a golf pro, you hire them to teach you the skill of golf. If your golf pro tells you to make a 90 degree shoulder turn and you can't do it...what will he tell you next? Well I can tell you that when your body doesn't have the ability to make the proper golf moves, you are forced to compensate.

This is always a bad thing because it is impossible to develop an accurate, powerful and repeating golf swing when you compensate...KEEP READING...